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boiled longer with larger amounts of the caustic. A power
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tember is the time for the collection of this fruit. When not used
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Retroversion is however frequently observed in the unmarried
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phantom ship through the ocean of human events leaving no track
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By this means the carbolic acid is thrown into the cavity
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beneficial influence upon the gastric and cerebral phenomena.
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the inadequate action of the heart but the blood that reaches
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which they are to imitate and thus become unfortunate parallels of
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are rubbed together in the form of a powder and given in
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The subject of ovarian tumors for so many years the opprobrium
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whose works should be in every medical library. In brief we say
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with the cavity by a large opening just below the attachment
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given and on motion the report was referred to the execu
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respectable members of society and qualified observers in the field of
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flexible metallic rod to inches long well rounded off
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notified to report at once any cases in which there
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Tomes and Mr. Horsley be appointed to take such steps as
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Dr. Fordyce Barker believes that occasionally treatment
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a very perfect description of leprosy. In his account written in
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giving it at first in small quantities. Koumyss may be used
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typifying the nationality of the organization. Dr. Stone
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than mm. were constantly needed in practice. He thought
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pneumonia not found in any other disease and which would enable
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pass over to the inner canthus of the eye and there to
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that when applied to us by others it is inappropriate and offensive
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a sum of Q francs on the doctor and the apothecary. A pretty
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to arrest the increase. The committee of the County
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Errata. It is very annoying to the reader in his perusal of an
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IJnchanan states that this is not the case if intelli
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men was not tympanitic and the marks of some kind of plas
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from the inefficient expansion of the lungs. In con
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the first importance. Probably with the idea that the Hors
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The patient having been placed in the knee elbow position
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Duffield exhibits the fallacy of that hypothesis showing this matter

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