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much may be done by medication to shorten the illness.

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Hospital Sir Samuel Wilks Dr. Pavy and Dr. Pye Smith

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The solution must be kept in the dark and should not be prepared

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fever should be erased from our nomenclature and they should by

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able. It demands that there be shown a more exact connection a

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cent. solution the urine is drawn off as described in

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symptoms became intensified of further interest was the

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According to Prof. Ellerslie Wallace the first tent which

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gious just as pseudo membranous laryngitis and stomatitis and con

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nine of which he reports in detail to illustrate its

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ment has been always followed by most gratifying results.

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doing well but they have also shown that eye exami

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interest to the profession are invited from all parts of

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In the Medical Sf Surgical Reporter of January is an ab

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This paroxysm lasted so long that I supposed it would prove the

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lence as to its host in its passage from the throat

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but some little inconvenience on account of its position and

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number of cases. Some had very high temperatures and

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Often the men and women are indiscriminately penned in a common

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Divide in pills. Two pills to be taken three times a

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they will more readily correct themselves than those newly called into

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On the appearance of the spasmodic symptoms the use of

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one only four applications were necessary before a cure was obtained.

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eyes was however so different that for a while he was compelled to

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to inclusive compiled from Observations made by the Officers

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circulation which makes the vomiting entirely safe. He

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It has a more legitimate place as a supplement than as

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on the fundus. The broad ligaments have much more to do

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function bears to the act of respiration but also the condition of

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month to month the recollection of a type of disease

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ceration. As soon as the uterus was released the tumor

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modified or removed. If there is syphilis in either of the

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