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Captain William C. Gorgas Asst. Surgeon ordered to report to the
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sation of the lung is seldom so complete as entirely to exclude the
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cess ever since the world began. There isn t any other and there
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feet with an average cubic capacity of fourteen hundred feet The
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it with a small pair of Vulsellum forceps or any other in
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nished me by Mr. Barnard the only one experimented with an in
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clusively that the muscles were becoming more active and
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Those who have heretofore used it will be pleased to learn that
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malt liquors or alcohol in same form. It should be given
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week without suffering from headache with which they are
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ordinary tubes used for culture media which are plugged
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continued long enough to precipitate completely all the
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may be allowed to remain there for days if necessary. The
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injection through the skin but dissecting down upon the vein
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the two first are almost invariable concomitants of the latter when ifc
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der is digested in the small intestine. Again as the result of
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however so far as treatment is concerned they may be regarded as
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during an attempt to lift them from the cords of the violin.
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and friable state of its leaves I could not satisfactorily determine its
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