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sented an interim report unless tliev thought the matter one of urgency,
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are identical with bacteria commonly found in suppuration. Vaccine
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A CURIOUS appointment is about to be made by the Croydon
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hospitals were instituted and thereby nearly a lakh and
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pected, angina pectoris very frequently develops in the course of aorti-
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much to measles as to its complications. It is necessary to take
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many associations — if not in the association itself, in its con-
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.able to make an accurate and rapid diagnosis in all the cases
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some man, and he had the appearance of robust health. When
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drinking alcohol while taking bupropion
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occur de novo or sporadically is no more likely than in the case of
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stiffness about the neck, with gradually increasing difficulty in op>eQing
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four hours. It is worthy of remark, however, that the altera-
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Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colouel, jwcf J. E Fannin. retired, April 2tith. Brigade-
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the man seemed conscious, he did not speak. The policeman then
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which, according to C. J. Martin, the chances of subsequent infec-
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clasps) He was with the same regiment in the Peshawur campaign of
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cases of measles were recorded in Greenock. The death-rate from diseases
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action of the inhibitory vagus nerves that they may cause death by
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for additional wards at some future time. The Council

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