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cold or the luke warm bath and internal antipyretics.

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ensued faecal evacuations containing bile may have passed the

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of absence for one month on surgeon s certificate of disa

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varies in color from purple to bright red according to the relative quantity

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projecting into the uterine cavity but the internal

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from a knowledge gained twenty years ago that a distinctly

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cork. This is not overdrawn. Sometimes the prescrip

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erythrocytes were found in the urine. Mild but distinct mental symptoms

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body to the exclusion of the other usually as the result

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without any previous affection of the cancellated texture and

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laparotomy has shifted its clinical relations. The author

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An interesting case of pulmonary calcium metastasis is reported

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He was treated by a local surgeon until the eye became quiet.

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uria began as a rule several hours after the anesthesia

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keep the patient from catching cold is harmful and too much

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in the study of physiology are actuated by motives no less

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and uncivilized as their manners can be at all con

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mere pressure seems insufficient for the phenomenon in ques

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