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young man about to enter upon the practice of medicine with the
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sponge the patient in warm brandy. Deglutition partially restored
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it has been found without producing any of the symptoms of
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lar fever curve. Pure cultures of staphylococci and
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may be involved and cause point tenderness in various
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operative procedure for gummati and tuberculous growths.
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from various wounds in different parts of the body the most serious
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in minutes. He preferred to use an ordinary Allis ether
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ture the parts or make a few superficial incisions. Having
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entire universe not only man but all animal creation.
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relation to the heart walls. Their irregular contraction causes
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cure was complete in consequence of the excessive dilatation of the
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completed the examination and furnished us in a familiar epistolary
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and several of the pitiable sufferers in Jerusalem appear to have been
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intestinal lesions were not caused by the direct excretion
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cure followed the relief of constipation. He thought epilepsy
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tations to the abdomen sinapisms to the lumbar and sacral regions
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