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applied on the 18th inst. to the external abdominal ring, and the
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diagnostic laboratory the simplest, quickest, and most informative
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tightly , and leave it at room temperature for at least
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certain toxic or chemical substances which, in small quantities, are capable
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raised. Swelling of the subcutaneous cellular tissue is alwavs marked, and
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imbeciles and incompetents, apologetically explaining that his
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England for a long series of years. Tbe curves refer to deaths in London.
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composed of granular casts and detritus, hyaline casts, and a few
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methyl red and with phenolphthalein. The factor deter-
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organism. It is only when this compensating faculty fails, when
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in simple erysipelas, it is usually due to exhaustion or to toxaemia.
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which a few drops of colorless serum exuded. In ligation of
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notchings a little deeper. Some slurrings of last year were now
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spleen is usually enlarged more or less in typhus, and therefore much stress
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they produce changes, most marked at the seat of inoculation, but not absent
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of the body temperature per se is sufficient to set up either general or local
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each year of age, continued for two or three days only. Alum is recom-
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The average jury is not yet so intellectual that object-teaching
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a. Since all members of any of the above groups possess certain
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ways against rules for a patient to address visitors unless they
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edema of the shins. This "bronchitis" might have truly been
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mirably adapted to its purpose, and only needs to be more widely
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bing carotids, prominent temporals ; the pulse hard and cordlike,
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2. The complement-fixation test is of less value than might
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me back my boy ! Where is he ? Give me back my boy again ! "
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should be collected by the rhinologist responsible for the case.
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of urine. Failing to obtain a diuresis from one, another should
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than would be expected. After the first week dicrotism is almost invari-
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trocar into the cyst, after opening the peritoneum, but its contents
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most common cases. Second, in those cases in which the os
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Human nature has great, veneration for authorities, and the
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benzoate in combination with digitalis, as shown in Fig. 189,
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some ophthalmic affections. They should never be applied, so to
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It is ushered in with suppression of urine, or hematuria, oedema of the
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really accounts for the difficulty of putting together any satis-
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who are able to specify complain only of general febrile prostra-
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the weakest ; so that, if the possession of a certain grade of irri-
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are found in the course of routine examination that resolve in
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In voluntary muscles the changes observed are analogous to those met with
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c. Oxygen Exhaustion. After placing the inoculated media
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satisfactorily explain " all the therapeutical effects of medicinal
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shaken powers of mind as well as body are fully restored after an attack.
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be made by applying an acid-fast stain, such as Ziehl-

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