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Drug Information Phenergan

ceive — three of them from fibroid tumors, two from destruc-
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edies, while others believe in early operative inter-
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phosphaturia ; anaemia, neurasthenia gravis (hypochon-
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when the subject came up for discussion, with the ex-
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l)rinciple of natural selection among organisms of disease. The interesting
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nephritis, leukemia, conditions associated with an insufficient aeration
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to the colonies, and be well served out for their contumacy.
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of spinal sclerosis often terminate in pulmonary tuberculosis. A blow or
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Case YI.— On the 28th of December, 1872, I was called to see Mrs. P.,
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such a stage no clinical phenomena of the active disease are present,
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retrovaccination. Whether cowpox is ever in a broader sense spontaneous, is an
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as we now keep up and preserve the vaccine. It may happen, which
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than three fourths of the inmates having defective teeth. It is significant
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member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, he
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After the address a reception to Dr. Park was given
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just the reverse is true in cases of vesical calculi ; this is a point to
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looking ; but every meal is followed by cardialgia, which occasionally
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In the first group the urine only contains sugar when the diet
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The mother having an insufficient supply of milk the infant
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— still more definitely by the use of a corneal magnifier.
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septic method. The time after the operation at which the disease returned is
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factors. An incontinence chart may provide important
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Zonula ciliaris. Arch. f. mikr. Aiiat., Bonn, 1897, 1. .563-
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continues for about a week, as a rule, and is followed by the next stage,
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it follows that half of a cubic inch of blood was added to the
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Intubation may be indicated in all conditions where there is
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were enlarged and drainage established. The patient im-
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Would it be an imperial committee or merely a local one ': It
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them irremediably ; it may cause inflammation, mainly of the synovial
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twenty-one and a half pounds of bread, but the best sort of
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— Dr. F. W. Epley, of New Richmond, Wis., sends us
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ever, in opposition to this view, to point out that Graves's disease is

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