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reported a child who walked when four years old and one who had

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and occasionally freedom from pain and tumor. The fact that many of the

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Prognosis. — The intensity of the disease varies greatly; in the fightest

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Elimination, therefore, is secured, as far as possible, through the kidneys,

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Edward Stanley, Esq. Assistant Surgeon and Demonstrator of

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regards the use of alcohol, he may by intemperance in other respects, food,

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Certain varieties are important on account of the symptoms they produce.

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both feet may be enormously swollen, or the penis may be so infiltrated as

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In Lewy's case and in four of Oppenheim*s, ulceration of the mucous mem-

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ease occur alone, but always with scleroderma. In some instances the sclero-

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thyroid without aseptic precautions, or by indirect infection through the

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lymphocytes. During such stages the disease might readily be termed

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inclined to be ovoid. They contained a finely granular, homogeneous mass

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liar inability to walk more than a certain distance, after which she had to

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