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is that I believe any statement of a zealot when not
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and surgical measures for its relief are considered
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the classic cases with ai i alling rapidity. Glyco
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surdity is limited either in time or place or to a comparatively few
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black flaky material at the end of the second day. It was full
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often those well supplied with the necessaries of life than
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obliges us to say that even in our own cherished institution the
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cope caused either through the various centres or from the overac
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of its being disregarded with even greater official
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and the publishers of this Journal including the Citizen of Illinois
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trated. The patient resting upon a supporting apparatus
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thirty first annual session at Laval University Quebec
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have some influence in causing or preventing tuberculosis It seems
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Drs. William Roberts and J. Milner Kothergill recom
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silver but is applied more carefully. In some instances burnt
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noticed at length and Beck is satisfied that this principle
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tics are the chief means employed of getting rid of the
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similar case being reported in the Pathological Society s Tran
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surrounding tissues while the true sac was about inches in
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The Headache of Acute Alcoholism. To remove the alcohol
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lial covering in the healing of ulcers is exclusively
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quired long continued immobilization. It is not to be used
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COMMUXICATIOXS in the form of Scientific Articles Clin
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it that is entirely novel it is rather as an organised
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any way impaired but that such impairment is not of
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seminated patches of consolidation in other words that
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extent from the cervix to the internal orifice of the urethra.
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tion of the constitutional forces or rather the renewal of physiological
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Cases in which the sac is so delicate and so intimately
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Lecturer on Anatomy at the Liverpool Royal Infirmary School of
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applied to the seat of induration in the back and bromide of
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batting and covering it with oil silk. Tremor is controlled
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ear of the hare are the phenomena observed by Wharton Jones in
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