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He is perfectly clear that these are well defined principles.

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system. The foundation f his theory rests upon the assumption

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condition of the nervous system. The most important

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Tampa Fla. and report for duty with Cavalry Division.

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The pneumonia of children at the breast has a great tendency to

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The President elect being absent the Association adjourned to

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loss of vitreous e.xcept when the latter is very un

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lysis of the glottis or is the result of inanition

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Dr. Goodell says that congenital syphilis may appear either

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When Prof. Bubblebrains lectures on Bubbleology it may not be

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education including a thorough knowledge of the English language

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the Bottle River Railroad shall pocket great dividends or that

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drying oven in which the swaddling clothes are dried and

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volved. Such self renunciation as has for instance been

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