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1. To check profuse expectoration by an astringent effect, and to


laboratory instruction in Chemistry', Histology, Pathology,

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favored by the existence of habitual or chronic bronchitis. The relief or

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Gynaecology and Obstetrics, are a part of the regular course and without additional expense.

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occurred toward the close of life. The examination, after death, in this

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Elegantly situated in the suburbs of the city, with every

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other situations, militates against, if it does not disprove, this supposition.'

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suflicient to occasion a prolongation of the thrombus. Thus, a clot in the

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made through the abdominal walls, and the patient recovered. The same

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kidneys, lungs, liver, and brain. In the spleen, the wedge-like portions

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The deaths from scarlatina numbered 419, or 4.33 per cent, of

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happy hit, and it bids fair to become at once a catch phrase and the

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tumor behind it; he suspected that it was caused by an effusion

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chronic affection. A rare variety of tuberculous disease is distinguished as

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rests the decay of lung" tissue, diminishes the fever, lessens the cough,

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•md all these cases require rest, change of thought and liv-

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he should. To test this, ask the patient three simple

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nations, and, after a time, when resolution has taken place, these signs

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some of its features, of the view which has been taken, to the

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special treatises, society reports, lectures, editorials,

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stances, an attempt ma}' be made to secure for the stomach complete rest,

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allowed to drink abundantly of cold water, under the impression that the

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Addison has described cases of anaemia occurring without any obvious

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is, not by a metastasis, but, like pericarditis developed in the same con-

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tem is known to be materially modified by the degree of pain or

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studies, and in improving his knowledge of the French language.

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which it leads, is the chief source of danger so far as concerns the local

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ordinary powers of observation and independent induction, which a

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denies the vascularity of them. If B^clard's injections could

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