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ity being proportional to the dose taken. Nearly 40 per cent, of the patients

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treatment is almost invariably accompanied by congestion and swelling

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incorporated with it. In other words, the film of solid paraffin

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or infusion is an irritant poison; it causes severe pain in the stomach,

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in bed ; if not very ill, he ought to spend most of his time in the open air.

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enlargement, the absence of the plasmodium from the blood, and the

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Lay the patient on his back with the thighs and legs flexed. The

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previous to the expulsion of air by the cough, when the glottis is closed,

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poison, retards its absorption, are recommended. Once the poison

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in several cases has been followed by cure. After disappearance of the

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with, or has been exposed to infection from venereal disease, the

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and occasionally there is a fistulous opening under or on the cheek.

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enlargement, and the history of the case, would help to distinguish puerperal

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The subcutaneous tissues. — These are frequently the seat of gummata.

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tion, namely, an absence of response to the faradic current whilst acting

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although they may be slightly tender to pressure, and, as a rule, the

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with extreme caution in cases of drink madness, particularly delirium

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