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in the area of central representation of the sympa
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but diffused itself over the rest of the pelvis particularly affecting
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Upon motion of Dr. Blanchard a copy of the above was solicited
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As pertinent to the subject under consideration we are permitted
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little chance for the cut lung to become adhered by coagulation at
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flexion with lateral deviation and the certainty of
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tension caused such pain that in consultation with Dr Pitcher it was
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in doses of to grains the usual course being to begin
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is more easily assimilated. The cough expectoration and
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and felt the gut neither gut nor tumor could be reduced. The
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fluid is decanted and the remainder is centrifugated in a
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patient never said a word about that. The patient s
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and sleeping apartments all need reforming in this respect.
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he would have a cough with mucous bloody expectoration or abcess.
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alcoholic excess. Before hectic comes on as a rule the
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has shown more clearly the relations of the heart to the circulation
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powder with these it either falls to the bottom or clinging to the
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acid and four ounces of water are given every three or
lung particularly in tuberculosis How long must the lung
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left the hospital in a short time returned to work
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If the patient comes in in such a late stage of perforation
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visited this institution and inspected one of the wards for
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for Dr. Yandall s which he proceeded very deliberately to discuss
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results can be obtaine lt l from strychnin than from alcohol.
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slightly dilated but without signs of endocarditis.
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generally adopted elsewhere as the best means of checking
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crime was a hopelessly clumsy one and there never was any
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would not use No. except in those occasional cases in
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living in the great State hospitals to day could be
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intensely hyperemic and near the head was a large abscess
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evidently came from the cyst which we had previously tapped. On
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normally present an appropriate reaction obtains harmoniously and
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necessity of understanding not only the sj mptomatic
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what manner I could exercise such authority more favorably to the
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mentions particularly in which such marked tympanites came
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tainly is a large middle class in which the progno
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this afl ection. The symptoms were severe enough to de
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of algebra and geometry and such an acquaintance with the ancient
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Upon the whole we regard the hour spent in listening to the lecture
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coveries of the following two cases of foreign body
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always contrary to their theory be more fully produced after separ
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men my brethren have not given themselves time to reflect upon all
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the fact that many of the symptoms are due to secondary or
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causes of this inconvenience which ceases if we wait quietly and

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