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On motion of Dr. Byford the Association then adjourned sine die.
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infective lesions of the lung their etiology and treatment
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editor informs his readers that the edition for December last has
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pulse. When the pain and excitement were most intense and before
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danger and he will employ the instrument as often from indications
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abundance of air during the operation and after it if
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cians Physician to St. Mary s Hospital SfC fyc. Published by
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compound tincture of iodine and water equal parts is
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festations is not yet well understood. The law of association
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clavicle especially at the outer portion of its middle third.
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and hysterical and suffered greatly from constipation.
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of the bowel and the neck of the tumor is then ligated. In
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tion of one lung was almost totally destroyed. The distinguished
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oedema clears up. In addition a can of oxygen is ordered
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If there is much hardening of the surrounding tissues a
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during the preceding nine years and gave rise to no

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