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of large size on the other hand the accidental development in excess
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tongue falls forward drawing with it the epiglottis and leaving the
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scope. One half of these crystals was given to a guinea
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projecting below between the thumb and index finger. It
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cination is mainly derived from small pox inoculation of calves Real
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sired but he had never seen a case of epilepsy cured by
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lorme s f rst operation is specifically mentioned in the following
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of Observations of the Blood Pressure on the Heart s
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modifications of the natural characteristics of the
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ascribed to the paracentesis and not to the injection Edinburgh
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Blenorrhagia embracing balanitis and gonorrhoea he calls syphi
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knowledge to therapeutical investigation and found that
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of collections made by him on the Pacific coast for the Smithsonian
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To the Medical Profession and Scientific Observers
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constipation relieved a great many of the nervous dis
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and the enlarged extent of the experience the presenta
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tions. Mr. Morris draws attention to the uncertainty
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the principal symptoms to enlargement and dilatation of the heart
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the greatest facility afforded to the movements of instruments.
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until plate cultures have shown it to be entirely free from
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attributed all this to the ether. I endeavored to divert his mind
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to fifteen grains it is astonishing that life held out so long.
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of rendering the urine alkaline lest urinary calculi be
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metallic tube six inches in length is employed instead of the
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Strangulated Scrotal Hernia Complicated with Hydrocele.
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it is thought desirable by the original text. Translations of recent
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ance previous to my arrival I will have to rely for my information
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which gives rise to the symptoms of hooping cough may be conta
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three times a day he gradually increases the dose until an
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attracted my attention and here I discovered opposite the bruise
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transmitted by inoculation and not hereditary but subject to patho
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