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beyond his control. But there is generally too much esprit du corps among sur-
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the interstitial tissues, will seriously interfere with the functional activity
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parenchyma takes place, and is accompanied by a transformation of the in-
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the poisonous intluencc of belladonna. The treatment above indica-
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the painful region was found to be slightly swollen, and the patient
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important a recrement as the. urine is, can have its constituent
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phurous fumes that food sends forth, as also the vessels,
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consider the position of the iris and the size of the anterior cham-
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of your ambition — to grow rich and distinguished,
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stamps are also a very acceptable gift ; since letter- writing is one
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cae Specimen ' gives a concise and accurate account of
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of vice or villainy seems altogether out of the question
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amount of water will collect about the negative electro-needle, when in-
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and the more slowly and gradually we deviate from this
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Eulenberg, however, states that the investigations of H. Munk on the
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•« As ' sition of the many and various contributions, it will be seen
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of the flesh. Hence some of the ancients have delivered
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to make the impression it should on those to whom the responsible
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liver. He then experimented upon dugs and rabbits, and found that
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first dose of laiidaumn, U> irrs. of calomel were exiiihiteil, alttrnat-
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covered with blankets, and the temperature of the room heat-
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" Trrue ?" said he, " yes, trrue as the holy saints."
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How to Test the Purity of Water. — It is of importance
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which results from the use of the latter remedy, and can therefore
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occurred in the cliniqne of Professor Frerichs, in the Charite ITospital.
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cicntly to seize and hold a li;,^ht weij^ht, which he could not do at first.
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been well begun. It was not then the every-day affair to go aijroad
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fish from one week's end to the other. Potatoes and
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trode ; this action is increased by the coating of the iron needles with an

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