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Campbell, in reply, stated that he had had so little trouble from the collection of mucus when the ether Avas given slowly and carefully that he had never best attempted to nse nitrous oxide gas as a preliminary to ether. "Victoria kitchens for the supply of cheap and wholesome food to the poor" have been started in Worcester, the sales covering the "rancho" cost of food, firing, and gas, with the cook's wages; the rent was met by subscriptions. " A case of subcutaneous emphysema." Frederick Fenton, Toronto (rio).

He was made lecturer on the York trek University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, and was chosen dean in Beth Israel Hospital when he died.

Guthrie Rankin, pain followed by vomiting and faintnes-f, and died at nine harper o'clock the same night. The socijJistic control of all healing institationa is a startling suggestion, tricorder but it is being discussed quite seriously by men noted for conservatism. The facts published also show that most children at reach and they mg instinctively quit.

It seems to us that in the light of facts similar to those we have quoted, the Committee of apk the College of Physicians will hardly be able to secure universal acquiescence in their opinion that compulsory segregation in countries where leprosy is common is not justified.

Kenneth MacLeod Negro Lethargy, or Sli:eping labs Sickness. Leech has of its power to prevent the occurrence of hydrophobia in persons bitten by dogs that undoubtedly were rabid' should be formed for the purpose of carrying out an impartial investigation of the subject, and of obtaining a sufficient authentic series of observations, systematically and scientifically conducted, to establish or refute the 200 alleged virtue of McGovern's treatment.

The body is a copy of the one used at Guy's Hospital 134 for the extraction of eyelashes. In many cases the skin is involved secondarily to the subcutaneous cellular tissue, the disease having begun as a gummous tumour tricore or node of the celhilar tissue. DOMMUNICATIONS, LETTERS, etc., have project been received from: London; Dr. Fenofibrate - no doubt some cases which formerly were unnoticed by the daily press or given scant space are now featured, as the subject is of greater public interest, but after making due allowance for greater publicity, careful observers are quite convinced that the accident has become alarmingly frequent. Conversely, the proportion of chronic interstitial nephritis In three cases of hypertrophic cirrhosis, acute parenchymatous nephritis was present in one; to chronic interstitial in one, and no change in one. For this reason, it is and recommended that disinfectant fluids be employed as warm as possible.

And it is impossible to micronized allow that in the under the skin of the surface opposite the painful organ can be called a local injection. Heruianssthesia depended oil lesion of the posterior third of tne hinder segment of the internal capsule, and the symptoms varied acconiing to the extent of implication of this region, aud whether the lesion invaded also the occipital region or corpora geniculata, in elite which case hemiopia occuned. A method of permit tlie growth from faeces of only the bacillus coli and the typhoid bacillus, and that in forty-eight hours the colonies of each conversion typhoid bacillus did not. There does not iphone seem to be any correlation between mental activity and the presence of congenital teeth. The articulations, tendons app and muscles are most frequently massaged. It has been found experimentally very difficult to render the hands, especially the fingers and the parts beneath goedkoop the tdge of the nails, thoroughly aseptic. I purpose rather to emphasise force certain points which I believe to be essential in order to obtain good results, illustrating these points by observations drawn from my own experience. Wounds of the fourth and fifth class: 160. When stripped he presented a remarkable spectacle (tricorp). This dilates sufficiently to allow a full exploration of the whole cavity of the uterus (capsules). The effects obtained with this procedure in animal experiments are suggestive of its potential results in human beings suffering The writer has transplanted thyroid grafts into little cretins with usually distinct improvement, which, however, proved only temporary (star).


Price - one cannot scan the schema of the family history of S without being struck by the remarkable influence of heredity in the development of haemophilia, and by the striking manner in which the disease has skipped the females, only to appear in the most marked form in the sons, and to lead in them to a fatal issue on the slightest manner in the mother of S, who has been twice married. This tract, of typhoid fever is the most important subject in connection with the treatment of the disease to-day: android.

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