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The following seemed to be a recurrent attack of typhoid

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diet mildly nourishing a purge of Calomel and Ipecac or Calomel

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as to the usual source of supply of typhoid bacilli

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ness however of itself be it remembered will not cause yellow fever

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water he has succeeded in arresting the secretion in three protracted

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strongly imbued with this notion that they allow a moist form of

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fourth day when upon examination it was found that the

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chemists to pronounce upon the felt used in the manu

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The feeble rehash of former abuses directed against our senior

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communicated to me the principal details of the case in during

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sion of the above mass into pills the dose being doubled

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great anxiety mental confusion and delirium rapid emacia

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the twenty eighth day of May in tlie year of our Lord

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tendency eventuating in phthisis. It is generally believed that cer

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stomach one pronounced it a tumor growing on the arteries and

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tures and relations of centers and tracts in the investi

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is they are never to be given simply because a patient has

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character of the stools changes. In the subacute ca. es high

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JoHX PiXTOX of Kansas City Mo. said that the consensus

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this also holds true when it is introduced into the

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any influence whatever in their production except in assisting in

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practitioner. Professorships conferred in this way are

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state of fine diffusion through the other tube and deposits it

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sing women and of a certain number of pregnant women.

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the walls are scraped and whitewashed and the ceilings floors and

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uterine displacements congenital elongation and cervical

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traumatic neuritis in the peripheral branch involved.

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perature with alternating falls and sweating and the peri

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calculated to correct the errors which arise from an exclusive study

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which characterized this disease last summer and upon motion of Dr

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at times quite acute. Frequent examinations eliminated the

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dah of iron and glass with communications from one to the other

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fully agree with our author always remain a form of inflammation

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of increasing its knowledge is by the careful observance and record

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The Chairman stated that the Secretaries will be selected when it

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finally if the amount of cerebrospinal fluid be large

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Derosher s barn. When we did so he Warner appeared as though

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liver oil are used. In the so called instances of hysterical

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this with a view of prolonging the contact of the medi

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of its parts are presumptively deduced conclusions which however

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fever the homoeopath because as he alleges it will produce in a

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