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placed in a hermetically sealed tube it will retain its
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cepts. With final causes we have nothing to do. To under
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obtaining a varied diet. Still less did it occur to
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it. A large cavity was found below the right lobe of the
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a school boy idle only at his books dull only in the
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exophthalmic goiter and for other affections uncon
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poisonous effects of this drug upon the human system.
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pentine and potassiuin permanganate. The latter acts as an
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posts of civilization we were thrown upon our own resources and
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least amount of woody fibre such as rice potatoes and onions
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mittance IS by bank check or postal money order drawn to the
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portion of it when this could be safely done. After total
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Dr. Pepper uses a solution containing only ten grains to the
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converting the original lesion into a vesico utero vaginal
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applied to the filtered gastric contents direct that
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million of dollars or more constituting no trifling endowment for a
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temporary blaze of excitement in the multitude dragging them
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other acute infections of children. The histories of cases
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be commanded. The gun shot wound on the other hand partakes of
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direct and secure the co operation of a numerous corps of extended
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well directed effort made for their removal that while we recognize
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healthy air whether from closeness humidity or impurities combined
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The author explains this failure to act in all cases by the
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ible India rubber tube in the end of which a funnel is placed.
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The only power they can exercise is that of opinion. Our only appeal
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twitching of the left angle of the mouth began to be noticed.
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for the best dissertation adjudged worthy of a prize on the following
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the general range of Natural History and the Science of Medicine.
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village our conversation turned mostly on medical subjects. Without
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in the campaign of Russia eulogized for his devotedness at Wagram
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ment based on deductive generalizations swayed medi
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patulous fitted a fold of oiled silk over the wound and a compress
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forget that in a cancer subject we have undoubtedly
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tube behind the internal orifice of the uterus so that the point of
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nection of cerebral diseases with infantile dentition has not been suf
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in some of the fcjreign psychiatric clini s it has seemed
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a chapter has been added on.Superficial and Topographical Anatomy.
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circumstance being of considerable importance induced the lady to

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