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means of reducing the temperature according to Dr. Smith is

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toxins. The future may discover a more specific and satis

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cabinet specimens or fractures of the bones as seen in museums

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Finally a string may be passed through the opening left

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muscles possess an inherent power of contraction that both the

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tempt made to decorticate. This was unsuccessful however and

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part of a design to promote those objects which center in self

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The Boston Med and Surg. Jour for February hails with

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dations. What are its technical dangers They are air

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most every case of the disease. When the tubercular deposit is

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poisons and has stated that local deficiency of these

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sidence in Michigan shows a remarkable propensity to pervert

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low the placental mammals there is some evidence of the

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syrup. The dose is a teaspoonful every two three or four

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limited time they have for study and of how to make the

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numbers of staphylococci. The liver cells in the immediate

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fering with the transmission to and from the periphery so

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The above work was first issued in and was composed of de

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The author is among the first of the British writers

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membrane and in promoting appetite and digestion is the

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that an operation under chloroform performed in this interval would

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a manner filled and then extending into the cellular tissue hj which

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red cells were found at first but later ajiparently

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above the base of the condyles through the base of the condyles

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of persons without a trace of friction and with ease in dozen

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to men who have to feed chaff cutters worked by horse

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a proof the omission was not corrected. That part of

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of the remedy in larger doses than at the second time although it

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of the teaching and practice of Surgery in England at the present

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dressed the patient very politely in the following manner Mille

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me from completing this interesting investigation. So

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is a physiological stimulant in the strict sense of the

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malaria had to do in precipitating the result is not quite clear. The

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