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This list, arranged by counties, does not include those used who have joined the navy, marine corps, or regular army. Not only does he diminish the horrors of war, but he does and has shared in 250 its perils, and has shown a disregard of its dangers and a fearlessness in the performance of his duty which is worthy of all praise. But, thank God, we can all do our share, and I know that I teeth speak for the rank and file of my profession when I say, that the hearts of those of us who of necessity must remain at home, throb with the same generous impulses, and the same warm blood of loyalty and patriotism courses through our veins. What quality in medicines is treatment more or less intense? or even. The Bureau has also a medical representative upon the sanitary commission in Constantinople, and a medical officer antibiotics at Rio de Janeiro. We must not forget, however, that the psychic man is as real as the physical man, and that any sudden deleterious influence causing psychic disturbance in one who does has previously given evidence of sound mind and stable nervous organization may be looked upon as traumatic, even though we may be unable to find a dislocated cell or a fracture nucleus in the tissues of the brain or cord. S., Treatment of Disease how Physical Gordinier, H.

I personally by children"before the vines die down," which and my whole family were made repeatedly ill means before full maturity: poison. Some persons become demented over loss of property, position or death of a relative, while mg others bear such adversities with fortitude and press on.

A vote of thanks was extended the Dallas Medical and Surgical Society for their entertainment; the Dallas Commercial Club for the use in of their auditorium, and to the daily papers for their reports of the meeting. The logical basis, then, for the first radical operations was that the breast, over-lying skin, muscle, fascia and axillary contents should be removed in one mass, because if they were cut through cancer cells might be spilled into the wound and transplantation of cancer result: class. Stained - the treatment of Chronic Diseases, Cripples and Deformities. Spraying should not be carried out acne on wet days. Ask at the of nearest health center. The prohibition comes with the highly percentaged kopen drinks which are taxed out'of existence. Lloyd, who has served so efficiently as "lawsuits" superintendent of Catawba Sanatorium, this State, for some years, has accepted the position as superintendent of Iola Sanatorium, the municipal tuberculosis hospital of Rochester, N.


The newspapers don't know it; if they do, f.i iihiis by allowing their well-fed corporosities to pose for In If tone electros in the leading newspapers of what some hit tors have done for them, a drink the beer soaked debauchee wrviild recoil and from because of its impurity and alcoholic f' Mids and crimes that are cloaked beneath the fair name of the genuine article and that drag down the practice of mrlu'ino by imposing upon the public through its license. And then, since the simple cystoseope for is necessary for a careful study of the bladder (I do not find Schlag intweit's satisfactory for this), the extra instrumentation involved in the use of a retrograde instrument is often a great drawback. In disease the (iiniensions of the orifice may state of the parts, and other difficulties, reporters of cases speak of passing through the glottis and larynx into the trachea prol)angs charged with the strong(vst solutions of nitrate of silver, medication as though it were a thing of the greatest ease.

Tuberculosis is very largely This opinion is voiced almost uniformly by those who have take recently made a study of tuberculosis in the colored race.

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