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Two oiled pins are pushed right through the base of the

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the pus cells and on or within the epithelial cells.

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As the tumor emerges from its capsule its extrusion is

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cases of lacunar tonsillitis occurring at times when diphtheria

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these respects endometritis offers a close analogy to

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the laboratory by Professor Ernst. Dr. Durgin s state

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will fail to be satisfactory. It is necessary to have

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siderable portion of the medical mind in the Southern States that

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of this disease is by free incision through the chest wall. The

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an attempt like the present to alienate members of a common broth

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after her return experienced any recurrence of the haematemesis.

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After the dropsy had largely disappeared minute doses of

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public from the Kennebec to the Rio Grande from orange groves

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allays the spasm and tenderness of the urethra by passing at

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finger on the orifice whenever he wished to speak. Boston Medical

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frequent micturition which kept him in bed for two months.

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opposition to the ordinance in such cases made and provided forced

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frequent. He also asked whether the courseof the disease was

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Another lesson which community must learn is that systematic

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