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frequent, especially in adults; are not characteristic of degenerated, but of

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Senator has used oophorin with good results, but others (Latzko, Schnitz-

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normal, or alkaline, according to the type of the infection and whether the

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up for years, probably for life. Wagner has seen good results from iodine

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of the extremities, and also the ribs, are short and thick, sometimes deformed.

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t«ci tVet down tile intestine. It', nn ttie dtliei- liand, tile j^ut is pillelied

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marked disproportion between the grade of pyuria and of albuminuria

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leaet ions in tiie liodv tlniijs in xviiieii wali'i- enters into tlie ciiuMtion.

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4. Cartilage. — ^Thb may show erosion, atrophy, anci ulceration. In cer-

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could compensate for the extirpated thyroid by differentiating into thyroid

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emaciation, and without cause, or if there is tuberculosis. "The suspicion

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inconvenient hour. Every insurance solicitor knows the value of quick

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be omitted every other day, or every third or fourth day, according to the

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to describe this form or some modification of the same.

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iiiiiiiitf llir il.M' was iilitaiiifil I'miii t! i' ih-cIit. riil'oi'tmiati'ly (In' pn-s-

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.t.Miia.'li liiis luMM.in,. iillf.1. iHTistaltir wav.s iiic seen t.. take their

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Aiiiiiiiliu Ciiivi'. l."),'!; The Xl'.'.liiiiiisin nt' Oiiciiiiij; lunl Closiii;; ,,( tin' ViiKrs,

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!li,il it is hy airulntination of these into masses, which then slick in the

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line to .skeletal muscle, a siiu'litlx liiirher resjionse results from each

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vation who has had attacks of the disease, one may be able to predict that

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by one who carefully observed the eyes before, up to veritable goggle-eyes

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nasal, mumbled character of true bulbar paralysis. In moderately ad-

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(exceptions noted above). There is no trophic changes in the bones or

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Iflental Troubles. — ^The subjects of Raynaud's disease are very often

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It is also of importance to notice, that no description

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.buiii.; the six t.. eii:hteen h..urs tluit th.' aiiimaiN Mirviv.' tin' ..p.'rath.n

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as when the abscess is discharging externally or is completely encapsulated,

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Till inon/inili- rnn.itit units of the urine include the aeids: chlorides,

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(quoted by Cassirer), a four-year-old child with an organic valve lesion.

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' Transactions of the Clinical Society, London, xl, 252.

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'dioiiraph. and it is practicallx impossilile to make a diaeiiosis of this

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son's disease. The color is on the exposed parts, but the skin is rough and

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stitucnts of till' i)lasnia iiia\ In- fulliiwul tliiouu'li llic kiiliicy. Tlu- iilii

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goitre have often been observed, usually of small extent, of short duration,

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in May 1816, a boy was operated upon in Haslar hospilay and

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s.vn'tion. for .lo-s niivly surviv.- or. an onliiiary .li.t if l.il.- is p.-niia-

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