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unable to explain its entire absence in our dogs of this past winter,

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5. C. Liebermeteter. Modern Clinical Methods, Infectious Diseases, p. 30.

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pain in the head; begins to call for more substantial food; has had strangury

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reserve in interpreting the high percentage of living women as an

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f(jllowtd by its rationale and other useful details. A companion to oiu" National

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of the obstruction at once made evident in their narrow and sinuous

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1908. Capps, Joseph A., 150 Michigan Ave., Chicago.

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be attained by stimulation, it will be effected more readily, and with much more cer-

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Lymph drawn from the thoracic duct of a dog coagulates slowly,

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fixation and kinking of the large intestine associated with the picture

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response (Babinski) normal. No clonus. No sensory changes. No ataxia.

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unusual occurrence in some inflammatory affections of the pleura, pericardium

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diseases continue to smoulder all winter long, with occasional ex-

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twice, lasting nearly a week each time, but not exceeding half a pint

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other similar conditions in which the liver is apt to be damaged.

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