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acid solution. In addition to these medicines sinapisms or

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The remaining point for consideration is the promotion of the

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which has labored to elevate the standards and lengthen

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ings of this Society shall be held at Lansing during the session of

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the ureter to the vertex of the bladder. Recovery followed

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Bouchard that the symptoms of uremia are nuich like those

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While the Scientific Department has been enlarged in its provisions

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duced one solitary great work on Surgery Obstetrics Practical Medi

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The nativities of those who died in December were United States

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viously taken. The opponents of Dr. Bache s theory cite cases in

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is well known as a successful teacher of Anatomy he is also author

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all our teaching to be a mere reflection of European minds the

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Medicine I find a malicious and most unwarrantable attack upon

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scurity of the symptoms and signs of the disease in this class of

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are added. The dose of this mixture is a wineglassful.

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chancre is to the present time often called the Hunterian chancre.

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ment. In about weeks there was a relapse accompanied

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