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A communication to the Manchester Clinical Society.

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undertaken with a view to excising the obstruction and

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Dr. Hawkins mentioned several cases in which albuminuria

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to the latter. The middle-ear trouble remained practically

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a florin, the centre being 2 inches above the bifurcation, a

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was in the urethra or in the bladder. He agreed that the

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■hnV u^htlf ^f,^>I^' -^ ^''^ ^"^'-^ inierestin- me for some time,

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1 " The alleged connection of vaccination with leprosy" is discussed by

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mosomes, and hyalosomes have been given to varieties of

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According to ttie Bj^t^m Mi-'iienl and Sargicil Journal, Dr.

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vermicular action. The movement of the vibratile cilia was

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The present age does not neglect the epidermis. Since the

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painful history. The case was brought forward as one of a:

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Dr. Pye-8mith agreed witli Sir Dyce Duckworth, although

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Parakh) submitted his second annual report, which was

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cough and expectoration, and apparently the respiration

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filtration, is a measure of considerable hygienic importance,

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this neat little book for the instruction of the inspector of

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people .attributed to the hospital itself. Tlie continued use of the hos-

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probably a putrefactive process set in motion by micro-

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from any of the proceedings alluded to. I have long wished

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gerous for the community, because they may continue for a

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and chest, and thus allowing tlie uterus and its contents to

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this main pipe by branch pipes, but without communica-

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which especially aims at showing the best means of prevent-

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is certainly a more stable institution. Especially would 1

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a calcium compound of fibrinogen, and that the main action

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globulin 3. Cell globulin a is characterised by coagulation

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Officer, unmarried. Salary, £!0o per annum, with prospect of increase

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On her return she was seen by Dr. Mackenzie, who found her con-

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ject of "Circular Resolutions " (p. 534), I feel it my duty, as

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