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rapidly destruction of bone may occur in some of these cases.

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English by Alex. M. Macdougal, F.R.C.S. With artistically-

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experiment which shows that the oil does not exclude oxygen from

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1954. Truitt, R. Marshall, Jr., 740 West View St. (19)

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retics may be given in succession, and a diuretic effect is more apt to be

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operation than would be from that by excision. This treat-

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did not completely disappear in any case until the wound had

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in the joints, Avhose mechanics must be altered by the fact that the

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Tuberculosis Association will be held at the Pfister

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Cause. — Incomplete closure of the ring. This may be due to

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1896-7, xxv,605-608.— Correia I>ia»i. Fistulas urinarias

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occurs in the temperate regions as well as in the tropics, and is almost

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cause of the risk of recurrent injury. Patients with spinal

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whether the results would have been much better if the cautery

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