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diagnosis of the case was not made until after the first tapping which

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without extending beyond the limits of the cauterization. As the

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In endeavoring to reach a correct diagnosis in the case the

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bromide of ammonium and of administering j of the com

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diagnosis is skill in the use of instruments of pre

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closer even than the sternum and more particularly the thick muscles

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In this lake are found otters beavers and other wild animals who

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above the pyloric extremity of the stomach. The probabilities were

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J lJiyCiCiZ IHOS Laxative and against Obstinate Constipatinr

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of the tuberculin reaction and larger local lesions

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feet terminating in clay. The rains during the summer and fall had

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In the cases of the lower third were partial not a complete

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practice but among private patients where beef tea can be

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absolutely well persons would give more than mortality.

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technique of operation so clearly that the general prac

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brain. When he walked he carried his head somewhat for

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fit. My only object is to aid the profession in their endeavors to

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number of their dyspeptic patients on account of the

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Of female deaths there were in child bed . per cent.

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pains in the knee and a violent sympathetic fever the whole joint

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tightly together and so creating a vacuum. Care is had not

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siders that the lamellar transformation of bone takes

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Ely of rhiladelphia in his pai er on The Tuiporlance

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dividual needs of the child brings us to the realization

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bilities of their work full information may incident

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parents who suffered at the end of its first year of

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animals we find the proposition strengthened. Take for instance the

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case there is not the excuse of artistic merit which

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Hystero Epilepsy Huchard on the Character Habits and

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an actual cure was effected by this treatment which was

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tive power of the stomach both with regard to the de

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