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physician is confined to the study and management of one disease
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acquaintances. Yet to the physician in a practical sense this difficult
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without charge if the request therefor accompanies the manu
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ing the dangers in railway administration and the social in
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tract of jaborandi three times a day. When the secretions of
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and condensation of the portion of the lungs thus affected.
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Dr. Pearce said that puerperal convulsions were commonly
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This is probably a plain statement of the facts and we
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They were distinguished by the insidious manner of their attack
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discusses the question of the not unfrequent occur
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that the primary factor of the lardaceous material is depos
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mechanical and laboring force. Contracts have to be made contin
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papers of this public session was on The Ainottnt of Work
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has placed us under renewed obligations by sending to our address a
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notified to report at once any cases in which there
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infective neoplasm he removes entire. He performs the opera
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and new opinions have been expressed which both add to our knowl
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much confidence in the value of fruits as laxatives.
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prolapse it is the most displaced. The causes of prolapse
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To demonstrate the correctness of what I have stated in relation
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riods. Control pigs injected at once died in days. Of
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delivered the President s Address. He divided puerperal
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impression I had was that intoxication was the most prominent cause
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cells s indle cells and leucocytes the capillaries
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gr. xxx. The use of the bromide is always preceded by a
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thermic sterilization the best. In other words the question
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operation for croup is deferred until a late period and the death of
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of faeces. Milk diet must be used exclusively for the
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