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a man named Lambert Wilson was sent to the Colonies for

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report and had found it correct and the books neatly kept.

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teenth the nineteenth and twentieth and twenty first days

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rh.ige may have been tlie result of violence or not

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upon the thickness of the superficial fascia always

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tive power of the stomach both with regard to the de

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advised. Elaterium is of questionable value. When arterial

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latory movement of forty to sixty vibrations a min

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the physicians alone such a state of facts will be exhibited as cannot

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dose of ipecac may be repeated two or three times in the

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activity and in W xo is. i Vj poisonous properties.

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attention was called to the use of Iodide of Zinc in enlarged tonsils

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bined salts daily together with gr. xxx of the hydrate of

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bowel looking directly forward. An operation was performed

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ing the external aspect of an ovary when it ultimately

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his experience with this remedy in cases viz. that in daily

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progressive. Through the dim ages that are past it has been ponder

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treatment is usually tedious and unsatisfactory as com

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foundations of newer and more horizontal strata from which we may

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hypodermically although so large a quantity is seldom

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of moulding the bread into his medicine take these in a little

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be put to bed and kept there during the initial days

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ounce of castor oil aided if necessary by an injection. After

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The chloride of zinc in the form of a weak solution is an

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vessels and tissues in consequence of tuberculous deposits.

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and manifest no tendency to open of their own accord sur

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but the same indication does not occur in adults who are

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while during eight weeks residence in this city. I have met with the

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topical treatment for the clearly infectious cases.

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use of plaster may be impracticable because of the irritation

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