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Sig. Powder the lead plaster add the ether and mix them well

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tion that these proportions were observed in the morning urine which

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the cause of nervous diseases among children. Dr. Harold

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more and more sustaining. When the stomach fails to retain

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tainly reduce the temperature in most of the cases. In a

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mode of cure. To recapitulate then injuries passions poisons

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exposed our own sentiments and done enough to disclose the opinions

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that twelve hours is as long as it can be kept safely after

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Resolved That the State and County Societies throughout the Union be re

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The remedy for the suspension of respiration is on every principle

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laudanum is put in the enema. One or two drops of lauda

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stimulus for weeks at a time. Rubbing the body with hot

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detach the visceral pleura. No further details of this case.are

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the patient kept quiet in bed to prevent vomiting. This

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cess. The whole of these prize brands selected have

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urethra and neck of the bladder and finally to cause

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thought that the frequency in Hebrews might be due to

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a series of eilitorials in protest against the lawless and indis

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powder with these it either falls to the bottom or clinging to the

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and probably give a very correct opinion of the etiology and pathology

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abscess and diffuse suppuration. When it terminates fatally it is

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of Michigan to be held at Detroit in the said District before the

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light flannel cloths wrung out of ice water may be used. On

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forhead the child continued in a gentle sleep for half an hour and

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articles broths chicken etc. until the ordinary food is re

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in connection with or contiguous to the Insane Asylum.

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