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and from having perfect retention, he wasaffecied with incontinence
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servation in private practice for over ten 3'ears, the affection has not ex-
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was a case of this kind which led me to try the effect of an im-
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The ferrocyanide of iron or Prussian blue 1 have found an efiicient anti-
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of small blisters, dry -cupping, sinapisms, and stimulating liniments. Ano-
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thing that can increase geometrically, put under progressively
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narrow cardiac orifice, but it fails when applied to explain the
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tains the doctrine that the chorda tympani is the source of taste;
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again had to sulphate of quinine, but it only produced a very
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ease be intermittent or remittent ; a fatal i-esult may take place before
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sensory root (figs. 15, 17, and especially 16). In the last-
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within the range of the studies of the physician. Treatises are devoted
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I was obliged to have recourse to the actual cautery to restrain
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racterized by spasmodic movements of the muscles of the face during
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Bruit de soufflet is occasionally heard in the large arteries
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solution of the problem of the homologies of the nasal organ of
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rhage from the uterus and rectum have been observed at the end of the
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bulbus olfactorius and peripherally to the olfactory capsule.
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della vita negli Asfittici, opera de Pietro Manni . 330
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Life is then destroyed before the eruption is matured, and without any
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With reference to the drops}', either saline cathartics or more active
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orcurvature is produced by the predominant contract.on of he muscles
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ganglionares y por la presencia de cestas pericelulares en muchas

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