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neoplasia in the chest, and vinblastine therapy was main-
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thus can identify causes of cancer in humans that are
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« Outlines of Physiology and Path., p. ""■ Researches, ii, 67, 83.
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The Committee indicated its desire to continue partici-
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sanguinis remained longer fluid when separated from the corpuscles
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they found the lacteals perform ; particularly since the time
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chievous? May we not, in checking it, be interfering with
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below 30° C where heat conservation, as well as heat produc-
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the pain was said, however, to be less severe than before the
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a strong purgative has to be administered along with it to ensure the
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References— References, which should not exceed 35 cita-
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igenic nor enteroinvasive by sophisticated assay. The strains,
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interference or artificial alimentation; on the other hand,
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the importance of seeking appropriate community services
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The legs had meanwhile improved. On April 8 he could
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forearm. Iron and quinine were administered. The tempe-
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Sight hip. — The head of the femur was dislocated on to
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(lxiii). Since writing the above, I have dissected a still-born child which was de-
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that which seems useful? In recent years we have become
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tion to cold, have been attributed to its coagulation. In a
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procedures. On several occasions, he was treated for osteo-
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these experiments will be amply rewarded for his trouble. We
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of podiatry under R.S. 45:5-7 permitting the surgical scope
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a community hospital may, at times, be justified in admin-
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style of his letter convinced me it was not meant as an apology,^
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(cxxi). This is as convincing a proof of the lymphatic vessels
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desirable to do so. Quite apart from the fact that food is
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exchange transfusion should be reserved tor infants with
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This outreach approach might be used more widely in
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geneous, hyaline coagulum, formed after adding water to a fluid mix-
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In one study where many patients received pre-hospital
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reduce the exposure time of the tissue to carcinogens. Third-
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patient stands the leg bends outwards, and forms an
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but a few. It is often difficult to label the exact type of
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white females, 74 percent in nonwhite females and 82 percent
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through the heart, unless the lymph forming that crust had

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