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cury three times per day continued for at least two months without

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lymphatics are accumulations of migrated cells which later

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gery Charles North Dowd M.D. Instructor in Surgery

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In the early stages Dr. A. McLane Hamilton uses ergot

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covered by a pledget of lint and the patient put to bed.

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is of bacterial origin. The organisms unless arrested are

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The constitutional treatment of the secondary syphilitic

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cover the tibia only it is best to divide the fibula

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Appropriation of Wards. The various wards in the Institution

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of lemon. Dr. Cohen prescribes chlorate of potassium very

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province of the Health Board or a part of the function

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inflamed intestine. The enema used consists of starch and

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wounds are not of serious import and readily unite. They

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backward while cutting. While it is best to make as large

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intraligamentary stage in its development. There are ac

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manifestations of its action and by thus investing as with a garment

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stroying the army. In vain the generals affirmed that the disease

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profession have not given the attention it deserves

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pneumonias are different clinically and pathologically. The

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fluctuate and the signs became localized at the right apex.

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twelve ounces daily according to the circumstances.

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made by inserting a strong narrow knife nearly over the joint ex

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