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April th. The current applied during cold stage immediately
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will spare no effort to save from the threatened danger he may ask
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isting strangulation may have had some localizing influence
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zoology is difficult as yet to fix many of its forms
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casion to be witnesses of in patients under botanic medication
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The details of the new service were given by Dr. Girard
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deformity and confined to the play room so called a
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work is one in every way worthy of its reputation. Comprehensive in
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limited to close strictures. In all cases he insists upon the
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with an.i ray outfit it is his duty when possible to refer
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ence in the pus while it was in the pleural cavity.
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natural way this he was able to do freely and without pain
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continued transmission througli the human subject and
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ria and special kinds of diabetes. The presence or absence
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diphtheria. The history of wounds infected with diph
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The third set consists of much weaker preparations and yet here
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equivalent the elixir or fluid extract of guarana be taken
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at the Episcopal Hospital has conducted a second series of
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ruptured and in half an hour after the patient was delivered of a
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of syphilis the so called parasyphilitic affections
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c.c. of antitoxin in all such cases when first seen
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Now we could ascertain beyond question a vertex presentation. At
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time had been kept in a state of exhausting activity until the powers
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This latter is an excellent dressing where the ulcer looks
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is that there is a certain definite series of sciences and arts necessary
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opinion. This treatment consists in withholding sugar in
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essential qualification for membership and in its earlier
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to organic lesion and those spasms due to presumed func
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tion be made the patient either lying or sitting or standing the
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diminished while the sensibility seemed to be slightly deficient
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as the surrounding skin. There is generally a sensa
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quired no assistance from any other cathartic to produce free and
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coming from quite dissimilar sources but agreeing in essential
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road and he plunges in straight forward gets through in some manner
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apology to the publishers. Although the delay in noticing the volume
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recovery by an operation. The latter was accepted with the result
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a short distance between the coats of the intestine
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high and that the doctor s income is often less than
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probably a dermoid and not jiostanal gut as had been sug
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as to merit special attention as a medicinal fountain even if found to
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