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from tenesmus. As she was disposed to keep about I advised her to

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from a woman of but recovery followed after months

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ease was promptly and permanently controlled. The dose

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from the subclavian artery Dr. Levis carried pieces of horse

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children and such as are by any means possessed of a diminished

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pensation awarded is only a just measure of the talents and acquire

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siders carefully dietetics and the regulation of the

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page of the Jhurnai. for June th that according to the

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ligatures should be used. In case the lower end cannot be

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that both the chloroform and the ether can be detected in the flesh

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cases not in the verified list of undoubted plague

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report of the case and some remarks necessary to present our pro

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is squeezed through the nose piece into the passages.

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into use the ordinary treatment being very unsatis

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diminished according to the indications. In some cases of

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and sparcity of authority in the current medical literature afford suf

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would be held responsible for the prevalence of zymotic diseases.

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quered once by her army and again by her medical corps.

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the timid lean in their weakness and fears to whom the dying look

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vibration. He thought examination of the back gave the

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a link of transition between eruptive fevers and the group of cutane

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tion proved to be oxyurides some of these parasites

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its practical tendency so these same causes which have operated to

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but there was no unusual difficulty in recovering the patient and he

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by us affecting the professional honor of Professor Storer or. an

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world with defenceless jaws and it is not till towards the eighth

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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of re

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ology in its broadest sense the physiology of health as

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mical motion while the artery appeared to be quite devoid of this

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popular is probable for it is an atteinpt at a curative

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On the th day he was again seen by Dr. Pitcher who informed

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at this time considerably emaciated vomiting every thing she received

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the fourth day of the disease injected some of the serum

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distressing cough and enabling the patient to obtain the

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their fitness for doing justice to their calling in fact to induct them

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glycerinated vaccine lymph which has been leased by the

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a solution of the acetate of lead ss to Oij. A cloth

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point above mentioned. On the th of this month I removed with

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detect any respiration in the left lung. The heart palpitated at times

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from the fact that bronchitis or any other inflammatory disease of

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ment of the disease. The first report of this conrli

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