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flexion in order to see if any stififness is present.

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at its session on the th August M. Trosseau adduced some

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principles of science are universal and identical among all people and

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and vertigo were present. On the third day the tumor was

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occurred in the Spring in the Summer in Autumn and in

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remedies without the knowledge of the indications for their use

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either with a syringe or with Bigelow s rubber bag. Not

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and fever occasionally for several weeks living in a very malarious

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It is by examining the patient carefully in the interval that we are

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there is haemorrhage under the cuticle he gives quinia

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dilated pupils there is a corresponding increase in

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sive smell of the evacuations which at once disappears when the

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midwife who had allowed her to walk about and stand erect during

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benefit of his companions in the manner that I have

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under this plan of treatment than any which has been adopted

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with the rights of its more important parent and I regard myself

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child. Tonsillitis developed with the onset of the poliomy

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and more dangerous disorders that frequently supervene during the

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sicum followed by the application of dry heat and wrappings

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let us try to increase the knowledge of the medical

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the blood is violently compressed in the capillaries of

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It is to be regretted that in none of his cases could

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ago had a discoloration appear on the right side of

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pletely suspended. In this way the weight of the body is

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of the frontal bone about three quarters of an inch above the

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neighborhood of forty rivaling in number those of all Europe the

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