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the parochial schools of Philadelphia some years ago
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their lives. So far from consumption being confined to adults as is
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strapped with adhesive plaster and treated by a dry compress
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of the country Is it necessary to listen to the glorious news coming
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the forceps and seizes them with tenacula. He then passes
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increased to one and one half drachms. In one case at
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A. The pressure effect of the tampon is chiefly useful
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consolidated and the left only about a fifth from the base. His pulse
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were constantly importuned to operate in defiance of opposition. His
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obliterated W different processes and it was found that in spite of
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Up to the date of this report there has been admitted during the
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hydrochloride of gelsemine separates from the ether
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ing of the skin. If the patient takes enough water
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in the interest of the Stony Wolde Sanatorium an institution which
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rior cul de sac. Together with this anteflexiou there was
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Ergot should be given steadily to promote the proper sub
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second relapse of mastoid disease impresses one with the
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case and each day straightened the arm out carefully as far as
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of that month when the thermometer and hygrometer indicated the
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lish Bishop who had for years nursed the fear that he woi ld
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development of pain upon muscular exertion depends greatly
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Clarks regards this last method as peculiarly desirable before
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every twenty four. Patient presented himself for treatment
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In this unpretending little book Mrs. Leslie Stephen
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tetanus and hydrophobia I have a few remarks to make. It has
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of the profession in procuring the statistics deemed necessary to in
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Essays on Puerperal Fever and other Diseases Peculiar to Women.
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Poupart s ligament are the guiding points. An incision is
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operation is thoroughly justified an lt l there are
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Diagnosis the only fever that there has been any danger in being
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it would afford a chance of her having a living child. The latter
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ness however of itself be it remembered will not cause yellow fever
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sequence of suppurative arthritis the pus being frequently

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