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used were discontinued and for them the bisulphide of carbon
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ward. This simple plan continued with great caution and gentleness
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much as there may be an individual intolerance to carbo
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been as strictly and uniformly enforced in such States as any other
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that immediate suture or filling the gap by some suitable
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necessity of watching it to jirevent rupture and covered
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proved owing to its disinfectant action in the alimentarj
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Trinity Medical College in Toronto Ontario after a years
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On motion of Dr. H. Taylor a committee of three consisting of
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half the weight of the body and also require considerable muscular
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of strychnia dissolved in six drachms of water. In three hours and
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the formation of thrombi. On account of the smaller apertme in
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the finger on any part of the body for two or three
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The second is On the Function of the Malpighian Bodies of the
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slide with a dry drop of blood is all that needs to
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deep fascia and that it might have been avoided by an open
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encourage inflammation and often lead to erysipelas a re
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tremities the usual seat of the painful points are below
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uninterrupted and rapid. Pus in very small quantity
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rapid in youthful persons and whether cerebral lesions were
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the bruises on the temples were not materially puffed up. I then
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cover those parts of the marks to be operated on. This
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ally be gained as to defective conditions of school life
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nal a meeting will shortly be held between a committee
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respiration was distinct and nearly natural on the back part of the
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by means of Politzer s bag. In some cases nitrate of sil
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than usual and the organ slightly congested otherwise healthy.
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of the brain and judge whether they clearly point out any such
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frequently for several days until all bad symptoms disappear.
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nozzle of a syringe through the trocar into the vaginal sac.
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that the operator has not removed sufficient tissue
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marked with six rows of yellow or white dots covering elevated
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treated by the nitrites. I am apt to use a solution
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compressed into a firm mass which may caseate or un
these cases from Fowler s solution two drops being given
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in the insertion of this step wherein P.ier s method
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Altogether we must heartily congratulate Mr. Coles on this creditable
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treatment directed to the eyes fails to relieve them
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ear well trained and the percussion extremely gentle to enable the
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