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1896. He created the first hydrotherapeutic clinic (a part of the
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in the diagnosis. The gastric digestion is poor, the appetite generally
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January 21st. Patient is now almost free from cough and has good appetite.
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to our list, but as a shade-tree I regard the Japan walnut as
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Stimulants. — With the development of asthenia and cardiac failure
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placed a man into an empty hip-bath tub, and covered him with a
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Effect of Different Compresses upon the Blood. — Winternitz has
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knock-out doses with great impunity, and the dosage com-
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made worse by serum was 3, and among these there is only 1 case in
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the origin of life, of the ultimate element, and the scientific
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meatus, and is made wedge shaped, in order to fill the
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and irons for the family, does the cooking and scrubbing,
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Home water treatment is apt to aggravate such cases, unless given
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All acute int'c'ciioiis discaM' ( ('|>i(lciiiii- intliieiiza ) lias jirovailcii
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and the remedy is plain, — lower it. This headache usually
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Pain in the course of a nerve has received the appellation neuralgia
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for the sick, the men's and women's medical wards, the male
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there is a general vesicular eruption, due to absorption of the lymph.
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ple in the country. Much has been and is being done for
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in the history of the Association. The tirst arose from dissatisfac-
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in this disease the nund)er of white corpuscles shmvs little or no
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cultural Experiment Station at Newark, Delaware, and Pro-
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ing large pieces of ice along and between the legs and along the sides of the
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portion only. Pears are stronger food than peaches, but not
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bear and suffer unless they have pecuniary means with which
firms the diagnosis of pulmonary consumption. Does the
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after irrigation, and each person was tested for seven days. The

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