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water, or oatmeal-water. Be particular and never forget to

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colorless, looking fluid, perfect rice-water discharges. I could

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cut the plant off at the ground and transplant it. I have seen

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Zander part of our treatment we can again affect favorably the

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thrombosis under these circumstances is brought about by a peculiar

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College, and to me the change was both abrupt and novel,

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is content to experiment first with very small quantities,

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milder form than when arising from ordinary infection. The attack ran

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Lesions of the Pleura. — This membrane is hyperemic and coated with

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cannot be accumulated except by prolonged closure; yet mouth tem-

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difficult because of the large number of cases in a given locality,

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with red on a yellow ground, and is of medium size, some-

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is superior to that west of the Allegheny Mountains, I think.

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" I was stumped. It had never been hinted to nie that this was a

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to-morrow, when I hear a poor fellow (who has been dumped, like

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elastic fibres disappear, even before atheromatous thickening is notice-

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checks a tendency to auto-intoxication by destroying poisons

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The duration of the period of decline is usually from eight to twelve

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tinuous, and in most of the others irregular. In forty-four per cent it

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treatment by bathing ever a serious problem. Nevertheless, the bath

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coloring or artificial flavoring. Such will never be ; coloring

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general, producing widespread paralysis. Tiie child, unable to hold any-

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pink, the color being, as a rule, at the fancy of the maker;

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development often preceding a fatal termination, and it may lead to

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early diagnostic sign of value. A careful white-cell count is also

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longed marching, and excessive physical or mental exertion, may heighten

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