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Phenergan Addiction

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Now our readers will judge whether the expression Some of
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spatula. He first however loosens them by means of poul
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rales changing in character and intensity at different times in different
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plication of the chloroform liquid but this disagreeable sensation
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decide which one of the silver salts is most effec
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to muscular influences. This is the anterior tibia.
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In the Department of Science. Literature and the Arts
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solution of ergotin for the hypodermic needle. Next to
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treatment of the articular lesions is entirely to mis
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to the doctors. It contains some very striking words of
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frequent bathing and an ccasional purge. A cure requires
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earthy phosphates in its system and thus facilitating the
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zation and the whole enginery is unbalanced. For want of its stimu
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really only extends the difficulty from the particular to the widest
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came to start the train of morbid symptoms could give evidence of
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appointed by the President to conduct the newly elected officers to the
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men my brethren have not given themselves time to reflect upon all
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microcytes still appeared as well as the paleness of the
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author states that he has found the same remedy answer an admirable
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motion and particularly in some absolute genital impotence.
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It such appropriations as will enable the trustees without pecuniary
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essentials for successful operation are Careful asepsis
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struction who is not a matriculant of the University and who has
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the power of co ordination in vision are perceptible.
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of it alone and no attention is given to the after treatment.
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characteristic defects in the field of vision amblyopia
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SiG. A teaspoonful four times daily in water through a siphon.
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chronic alcoholic. She was seized with severe cramps in the
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This work is divided into two sections the first of which Diges
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ana Rollin T. Burr. alifornia to be assistant surgeon in tlie
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on abdomen one having numerous spots on both extremities
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on a tripod. The throat is illuminated with a plane
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those of a true infectious polynucleosis and deserv
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intervening tissues into the abdomen and so acts directly upon
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that as soon as the condition of the blood was under
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weight six pounds and five ounces. Here we found the tumor which
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then multiply its horrors by presenting itself in the third or last
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do nothing towards the support of medical schools We have not
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immunity. The habits and occupations of these individuals were the

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