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Phenergan Cream Uses

to render it as harmless as possible. The best means for attaining
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and malignity by the action and causes determined by the character
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a little while in order to see whether reparation was possible at the
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syphilis shows a certain predilection for the circu
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energies. Dr. Thomas was strongly of the opinion that
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The advantages of the knee chest position are also fully illus
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The treatment pursued at the Philadelphia Hospital con
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persons having this organism in their throats are capable of
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respectable a number we had for the time to abandon the idea.
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plicated. Union occurred in all but one and that in one of the
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can do in most of these cases is to protest against
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atelektasis or collapse of the lung another disease incident to early
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was of the ileocolic variety. The patient died shortly after
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trating less caustic and quite as efficient. During
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the opening made in the first cyst and so on the patient
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tysis after remarking that bleeding for this purpose has deservedly
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to my hospital was supposed to be drunk by his comrades who carried
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There is another question to be considered that is the
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one half hour s examination of a patient. Hence it is
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measure beyond the reach of municipal regulation and yet they may
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are put in about every three days the patient being allowed
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irritability with a capricious appetite and restless sleep a
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are to be read at some meeting of this Society either by the
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morbilliform erythema a without desquamation b with
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miles in the country to whom my attention was directed while on a
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exophthalmic goiter and for other affections uncon
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effect of producing vomiting and giving some relief. As typhoid
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Besides these advantages of the system proposed the habit of
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tested with small quantities of Ijlood from varimis
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reflex act stimulation of centripetal fibers for hys
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placed on a new spot as the last has healed. He scarcely ever
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blood flow in the crural veins. The trouble may also begin
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rectum it will be noticed in the vagina. Vaginitis and
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or above the groin where it is grossly miscalled ovarian ten
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presented yesterday were also referred to the Committee on Publica
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Dr. Thomas Gr. Morton had at times made an incision
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upon each wire of a perforated shot. The great utility claimed
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apex and yet there ex ts no reason for supposing that the motions
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vaccination is a far more reliable indication of the
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To day I shall introduce a pessary. Already the girl s
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forces solely which they must be if there is a conservative principle

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