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into the general funds of the hospital and used for paying
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neighbours nor had the demand for the lighter wines
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inserted incorrectly. These inaccuracies were designedly copied in
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Announcement of the Buffalo Medical College. .The Fa
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continued until the tendency has been entirely overcome
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refuse to take its nourishment as well as to take the second
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to information obtained by interrogating the patient
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tRead before the Alumni Society of St. Vincent s Hos
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patients as these are naturally and habitually constipated the
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spasm observed and about five from the time the poison was taken.
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her little remaining vitality by the infant at her breast the profuse
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water may be applied either in the shape of wet compresses
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the advice of the wise man who says Answer not a fool according
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quested to recommend to their members to purchase the Transactions of the
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having been assiduously persevered in without any good effect
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leaving the marks distinct. These are never irritable
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time he became very feeble and soon commenced vomiting although
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some unguent plumbi and belladonnas is introduced into
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by the use of the eyes for near work. The more precise the
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awakened in my mind the most painful anxiety. The question was
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made to look rounder than natural by the pressure from the neigh
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The society adjourned until the second Tuesday in January
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tropical climate. How often are we pained in seeing children with
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occupying the right side of the pharynx in the region
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the iniquity of their conduct in short may endeavor to enlighten
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removed by forceps amp c. without the aid of broncho
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Broken Neck. Morris on Haemorrhage into the Cavity of
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Chairman of the Committee on Clinical Instruction.
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species added to analogous ones related by our colleague M. H.
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of bromide and chloral with bi carbonate of sodium of
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since till now it approaches very nearly to twice that number and
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under treatment it is safe to assume that they are con
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For the nourishment of patients milk is used exclusively
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the day is not quite like the beer of the good old days
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by J. Leonard Vaux Medical Superintendent of St. Luke s
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nitrate of silver or chloride of zinc into the orifices of
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invariably in all ca lt es of diphtlieria. whether mild
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flexion and external rotation. Tillaux believes its function
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Dr. John Blair Gibbs acting assistant surgeon United
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and scarlet fever is felt and such persons often oppose
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sufficient to say that this edition of the Treatise of Professor Meigs
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these signs it is stopped at once and something else tried. In

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