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From this time the various pulmonary renal and gastro intestinal
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It is plain that so long as these agents act harmoniously causing
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active peristalsis in tlie bmvel. There is little doubt that
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the womb its nerves soon lost the habit of suffering although the
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You will inform tlie regimental surgeons that tlie War Depart
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and still the pains are very severe. Sometimes the same pains exist
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for the Dental Diploma We hope there will soon be a second
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discussed by Drs. Gallant Green Stuver Brown Gilbert
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certain and transitory in its effects. The patient s general
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clitoris. The principal object of this is to moderate the penchant of
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of temperature about ten per cent of glycerin or water
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and the rational those evidences of a deranged condition evinced by
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patients not responding sufficiently to the faradic current
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they now receive. The open incision was advocated in
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more or less headache ever since the facial palsy occurred.
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of milk and one dram of common salt were added a pint
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vict a current of electricity of sufficient intensity
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be a hot bed of infection it should therefore be re
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the Causes which impede the Progress of American Medical Litera
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and above all the feature most conspicuous and which gave intensity
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We are able to recall two or three instances in our own experience
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man grew better hut he overworked himself and again grew
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ment Departments in Hospitals Asylnms Schools amp o.
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around the edge. The scissors uated at birth to divide the
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often difficult to say whether the local condition is the result
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At all events we have been regularly cheered by respectable in
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cicatricial stenosis. Mayo has performed pyloroplasty
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quent. There was considerable swelling of the parts around the
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four hours or by means of the following combination

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