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.\siatic cholera. Indeed, it is held by some physicians

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twenty-four hours, although ulcerated surfaces msiy not heal for

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urethra has been reached, he enlarges the margins of his incision, and changes it

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deed, the latter was not prevalent to any such extent

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examined without it. A laryngoscope was a convenience for

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stone, or earth, or in ovens of brick alone, and the savings that result

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gendae de la tifevre typho'ide. Bull, et ni6m. Soc. m6d. d.

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fbj.; or which is still more active, castor oil, 5 S «> giauber salts,

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the complications unduly causative, are necessary. In no dis-

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reacting — by delivering cost-containment information through publica-

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The respiration continued quick and short ; pulse quick and

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The "establishment" of a General Hospital included thirty-two

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symptoms. She lay, always on the left side, in a state of

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We would not in any degree curtail or suppress the delightful, cheerful,

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Stegomyia calopus is essentially domestic in its habits, that it is

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throwing one off their guard, and I have heard of this occurring.

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intervals of three days were given. At the first injec-

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breathing is difficult, and snufHing; there may be constipation,

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of active principles, Digitalin, that it may produce cumulative

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especially as he felt relieved by the loss of blood.

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ventricle was tested by pouring water into the ventricle from above ; it was

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the stricture increased. It has, since last winter, returned and subsided

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salines — Seidlilz |X)wder8 every hour, followed bv

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" The heavens were stretched out like a curtain. They that did feed deli-

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^^fe On commencing work in George Street, the institution

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are well, and two children born while she had pellagra have both developed

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by irrej^ular contractions of the piipillary muscles.

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on clinical efficacy and economic benefit. In addition,

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as did the population of London as a whole. He did not deal with that point

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SiE, — This place from which I vrrite (King William's Town J-

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