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represented by images, which from the want of convergency in the
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latent infection, the tubercle bacilli having passed through the placenta
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is marked interstitial inflammation, explaining perhaps the tendency to
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parts have so slight a degree of mobility — based as they are upon the
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fat appears to favoiir formation of biliary calculi if taken to excess.
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abscesses localised in internal organs. Moreover, if the skin round the
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nature and origin to the modified cells just described in connection with
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secretions are also much less abundant and foul, and therefore less likely
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the case in fever, but rather the contrary. There is no dilatation of the
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cytosis is therefore merely one factor of immunity, one, indeed, not
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and the circulating blood which provides it with nutrition ; for, during
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ciated with the disease. Slowly as the poison is formed, however, it is
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fracture of the femur was noticed suppurating nearly a month after the
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natural philosopher that they serve to accumulate the fluid, the adapta-
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stantly found in the Peyer's patches, mesenteric glands, spleen and liver;
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the ordinary miasmatks diseases are wont to make their appearance in
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opportunities of judging the author's writings, and this is confessedly best
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sores when the glands are affected, the further progress of the malady
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class of springs are calculated to give ti)e greatest degree of security
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microbes increase and multiply. Infection of the deeper tissues and of
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to be so well established, that, if we accept the theory of the unity of
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It is a diiiicult task in a few general words to give a clear and
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movements. Shortly after the completion of these observations a series
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who bear a congenital phymosis ; and in some, besides the above-men-
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Erythemata. — A rheumatic element is often present in many of these
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reaction. In the other case, the womb emptied itself with perfect
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leucocytes — no sign, again, of congestion of the vessels at the peri-
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ment of the spleen, and in the absence of intestinal symptoms, rather
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certain amoimt of tissue metam.orphosis and degeneration, as in coagu-
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