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paper giving the clinical histories of two cases of

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to multiple cystic degeneration in one part of the ovary

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to see so many medical men now advocating the operative

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substitutes which they have the reputation of being as conservators

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presence of disintegrated red blood corpuscles that of an

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physiologic associations of the brain are such that the sensory

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effects in promoting the biliary secretion. This remedy was suggested

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sufficient for extirpation of the gall bladder alone.

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in the puerperal state may furnish an explanation of the effusion and

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neys. Their contents consisted of multinucleated leukocytes

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stanees are readers to be allowed more than the agreed upon

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occurring in citv children. In all cases in children under a

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toid process paresis of the facial nerve and epidural

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mation devoutly to be witched still patients may and

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This was the plan we borrowed from our Teutonic rivals in educa

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intrinsic evidences of entire veracity in all the statements it contains

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fession and outlined its salient points. The report closed

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when isolation of the afflicted person is impossible

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uterus and pushed upwards with the intention of bringing the instru

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of fat necrosis. Death occurred a few hours after the opera

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that promised article of a more practical character.

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mata the likelihood of recurrence being especially marked.

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its parts and on the other to be overpraised by those who examine

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remunerative rewards and what are the personal hazards attendant

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at the record of cases tending to produce any distrust of its safety

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accidently swallowed an ounce of hydrochloric acid. Im

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the dangers which may attend the use of this agent

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the elevation of the temperature is due to the dilatation of the vessels.

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cal literature undeniably vindicated. And with this capacity and

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ing down the existing building and rebuilding on the

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