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bronchopneumonia which was migratory a concurrent at
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the infection have submitted to Flaffkine s prophy
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in the Bulletin de Therapeutique of the th ultimo M. Richet
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this about three ounces were administered by injection every fifteen
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fectlj white it may be taken for granted that the circula
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glanced at the various objections which had at various times been
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pertinens. And such is the condition requisite for successful in
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Charlatanism and imposition we shall denounce and rebuke where
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it will bear followed with the liquor Ammonias Acetatis or Carb.
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of Longinus each striving for the possession of the human race.
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vitce its very existence and almost every dependence rest upon the
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the anterior four semi lunar on the first segment the four posterior
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source of conjecture speculation and hypothesis. For while we ob
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adduced as contributive or essential to the victim s
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relieved the milk absorbed and what is very important. there was
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tions which we have previously recommended such a result is impos
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opinion between medical men and secondly because the agitation of
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ing in strength from gr. xv to the ounce up to a saturated
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taminated state and very soon after if not before the first dies a
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Anon with startling accusations like the cry stop thief they
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the pupils dilate an enema of Solut. Magnesia Sulph. to be given
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succeeded in less than three days in establishing a gentle salivation.
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plexion gradually assumes a coffee and milk hue. Then the
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dilatation that occurs so easily in hearts not per
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ings or photographs furnished by the author. Manuscript should
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like experience but he insisted that while some cases of epi
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referred to cases of nodding.spasm and expressed the
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acquire that complete and thorough mastery of the subject which underlies
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L. Swan Surgeon to Steeven s Hospital Dublin has been
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the itching vulva and vagina or the parts may be cau
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a sense of legitimate pride as we glance over the work
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trouble progresses very slowly and is liable to ex
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vitality from the dry bones of dismantled hosts and who cherish
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must be studied from the embryologic standpoint. It has a
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a hygienic measure the child is thoroughly washed every day
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tissues and asserts that the contraction of the neo
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colon had been much maligned especially in the statement
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attention to such of the special teachings of these
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hol interferes with metabolism therefore it becomes
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have no control besides a variety of other hygeinic conditions requir

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